[WEB DIGEST] Which Artists Earned the Most at Auction in 2015?

Extract “Between 2014 and 2015, the overall global auction market declined by six percent, on a value basis. However, the US market moved ahead, posting an overall increase to reach sales of $3.4 billion, compared with $2.9 billion in the previous year, as markets in the UK and China eroded.

In order to determine top artists during this time period, we looked at individual sale categories to see which ones are bringing in the most money at auction using artnet’s annual auction data. While the list of the top works includes what one might consider the usual suspects, the numbers are nonetheless interesting for what they indicate about average prices for top artists and the number of works sold.”

[From:  news.artnet.com]

Read the full article here >>>  http://artnt.cm/1QGDtix

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